Nature is divine. How to over come such unhappy world? The answer is exactly Yoga and Meditation . they are the most appraopiate helping solutions in the present mechanical world. This is the root cause for the origin of the “PRAKRUTHI KUTEER”.

To do service to the man kind. Such assured disabled and orphans. For such a people to live in a happy opening of inspirational institution called “PRAKRUTHI KUTEER”. i.e., in other words “VANAPRASTHA ASHRAMAM” was established.

A decent place on the highway, towards srisailam, near International Airpot at Chippalapally Village , Kandukur Mandal , Ranga Reddy District, Telangana(India)


Consruction of the “PRAKRUTHI KUTEER” started. You too can become member to take part in this pious work.


service to mankind


     Service to god”        

                                                        Swamy Vivekananda